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“I gave homeopathy a chance, but didn’t sincerely believe it could help. Now, I believe in it. I don’t know how, but it works. Before I took my first remedy, I was depressed, indecisive, anxious, and felt guilty for no reason. Now, I am no longer depressed, don’t feel guilty, and although I still have some anxiety, it is not nearly as disturbing as it was before. I feel lucky that Azadeh is my homeopath. She is knowledgeable, pays attention to details, is willing to spend as much time and energy as it takes to find the best remedy, and she is extremely caring about her patients.”
S.N. – Software Engineer, age 32


“My 17 year old daughter had suffered from extreme anxiety for years. A year and a half ago, Azadeh came into our lives. Since then she has calmed down immensely and is sleeping better than ever. Azadeh is always willing to listen to what is going on and take care of her in the best possible way. I appreciate that my daughter is not taking prescription drugs, but is being helped in a more holistic approach.”
S.S. – Homemaker


“Azadeh is very thorough, listens intently, and remembers my symptoms better than I do. She has given me amazingly fast relief with a severe sprain and has helped with chronic arthritis. I have recommended her to several friends.”
B.U. – Global Activist, age 79


“I have been under homeopathic care with Azadeh for about 3 years. Before that, I had severe depression, headaches, and no energy. Her work had amazing results. I no longer suffer from headaches or depression and my overall energy level has increased. My view about life has completely changed – everything seems more exciting now. I recommend her to all my friends and thank her for all her support.”
M.M. – Homemaker, age 49


“I was suffering from intense neck and shoulder pains for 4 years. It was truly awful. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I tried different treatments, but unfortunately all of them were useless. 2 years ago Azadeh  worked on my case. At first I didn’t believe in homeopathy, but I was shocked after I saw the results. My  health condition improved and my pains disappeared. I recommend her as a homeopath. She is very supportive and helpful.”
B.O. – Teacher, age 25



Services provided:   


  •   At the initial in-depth consultation your homeopath will spend approximately 2 to 3 hours (1 to 2 hours for a child) to get detailed information about your health, symptoms, and medical history.
  •   Your homeopath will carefully analyze the case and select the appropriate remedy. You will be advised of the selection within 7 working days of the consultation. In case of an acute problem, you will be contacted sooner.
  •   The remedy and the instructions as to how to take it will be provided to you.If you prefer, you may obtain the remedies yourself.
  •   Your response to the remedy will be assessed at a follow-up consultation 4 to 6 weeks after taking the remedy. Additional consultations may be needed. In certain circumstances, brief weekly phone consultations will be required.
  • Based on the follow up assessment(s), your homeopath will recommend further homeopathic remedies and/or health enhancing lifestyle adjustments as needed.
  •   Your homeopath will be available to answer questions and to help with any concerns you may have regarding your (or your child’s) homeopathic treatment.
  • Treatment is always by mutual agreement and may be discontinued by either party.





State of California Senate Bill SB-577 requires that you should be aware ofthe following:

The homeopath described here is not a licensed physician, and homeopathy is not licensed by the State of California.

Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy is based on a set of clearly defined principles, which can be provided to you, if interested. The theory behind homeopathy is that a substance that causes a certain set of symptoms when tested on a healthy person can relieve the same set of symptoms in a sick person.  Homeopaths are trained to select the one remedy that most closely matches the total picture of your symptoms.  This remedy is given in a specially prepared (potentized) form that can stimulate your body’s own healing processes.

As homeopaths, we do not make any kind of diagnosis in conventional medical terms.  You should be aware that the outcome and duration of homeopathic treatment vary by individual, and cannot be guaranteed.

Homeopathy is alternative or complementary to healing arts that are licensed by the State of California.  Under Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California’s Business and Professions Code, we can offer you these services, subject to requirements and restrictions of the state law.

If you ever have any concerns about the nature of your treatment, please feel free to discuss them with your homeopath. It is  recommended that you inform your medical doctor that you are receiving homeopathic treatment.