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Azadeh Olia is a former NASA engineer who changed her career path to homeopathy in 2003 soon after her daughter’s astonishing recovery by homeopathy. She completed the four-year degree in classical homeopathy at the distinguished Institute of Classical Homeopathy (ICH) in San Francisco. She taught at the ICH free clinic for some time and has volunteered at Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic (CMCC) in San Francisco treating low-income cancer patients. She currently has her own practice in Saratoga, California.


She has successfully treated many patients of all ages with acute and chronic conditions such as depression, anxiety, low energy, allergies, injuries, menstrual problems, sleep disorders, hyperactivity (ADHD), recurrent infections, various pains, urinary problems, digestive issues, respiratory conditions, and many others.


My Story…

I am a trained engineer who worked for nearly twenty years in high tech industry, including six years at NASA Ames Research Center. My introduction to homeopathy began when my younger daughter, who had suffered from allergies and sinus infections since birth, became increasingly ill. She has to undergo two surgeries at ages 3 and 6 to no avail. By age 7, the constant use of anti-biotics had destroyed her good intestinal bacteria, making her lactose intolerant and creating severe intestinal pain and the imbalance in her body began affecting her emotionally. My happy, cheerful child had become miserable, having about 10 tantrums per day. In homeopathy we refer to this as disease going inward. As a mother, I had to find a cure. Mainstream medicine was unable to help me. They had only made matters worse with their repeated medications, and the only solution they had to offer me was to remove dairy from her diet and to give her anti-anxiety medication to calm her down. That was not an option!


My husband had been trying to convince me to try homeopathy for months, but I had resisted. I was not convinced that holistic care could deliver what they claimed. It sounded too good to be true and my baby was too important to experiment on. Alas, at this point I was desperate and decided to give it a shot. A month after taking her first homeopathic remedy, all her pains went away and her allergies diminished. Within two months she was able to eat anything she wanted. Her tantrums took a bit longer. Each week she would have one or two less episodes and by the third month she became the happy little girl with the sunny disposition I was used to. I could not believe it. Could the solution have been so easy all along?

I decided to try homeopathy for myself. For many years I had been suffering from Repetitive Stress Injury in my shoulders, neck and wrists due to computer overuse. I did not think homeopathy could help me with this problem, rather hoped that it would help me better cope with stress and calm me down since I had also been taking Paxil, which is an anti-depressant, for years. When I spoke with my homeopath a month after taking the remedy, she asked me about my shoulder pain. I realized at that point that I had not experienced any pain in about two weeks. The cure had crept up on me so gently that I did not notice. But it couldn’t possibly be permanent, could it? Here I am years later and except for when my body calls for a new dose of remedy, I have been pain free and healthier than I have ever been in my life.
In the years since my family and I began using homeopathy, our trips to doctors have become very infrequent. Paxil and pain are a thing of the past. We still catch colds occasionally, but our bodies fight them off before we have a chance to worry about it. After a year or two, I noticed changes that I never thought possible. My energy, confidence, feelings of guilt and all the little things that nagged at me for many years, but I had learned to live with, began to be replaced by positive changes.

In truth, I was sold the minute I saw what homeopathy did for my daughter and me. I felt that I had just found a miracle cure that could prevent so much suffering. Why didn’t more people know about this? I wanted to know more and upon learning more decided that I wanted to be able to change lives as my homeopath had changed mine and my daughter’s. What an honor to be able to help end suffering without causing side effects.

I followed my passion and became a homeopath. The feeling that I get each time I help someone conquer his or her suffering, be it mental or physical, is priceless. Having learned about disease and its progression, and knowing that I just intercepted one and effectively changed the course of someone’s life, even if he or she is not aware where they were heading, is indescribable. Every day, I pray for wisdom and strength and thank god for showing me this amazing path!